Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation (Review)

Hi lovelies,

Back to blogging after 2 weeks post Aidl Fitri yah, anyway, congratulations for those who celebrate yah. I just got back from family mudik ritual myself. 

Anyway, today's post is about my new foundation i got from last month's beauty workshop with Sephora X Marc Jacobs.

This Marc Jacobs genius gel foundation wasn't the first high end foundation i have ever tried. But, this goes to my top favorites high end foundations right away..

First, lets's talk about the packaging. The box itself has this cool vibe, and it screams Marc Jacobs' modern luxury image.

With this Genius Gel super charged foundation, it is impossible to ignore the bottle! Oh, how i love the design. Its not your typical boring foundation bottle, as a matter of fact i believe it's the first foundation that comes with this rounded-edge packaging. It is sleek, clean, chic, handy, and surprisingly lightweight. 

The packaging was a dove-glass bottle. It contains 30 ML of products and thank God it comes with a pump. Makes our life easier right?

This foundation contains anti-aging agent, a long wearing, natural finish. i am wearing number 32 Golden Light. Seperti biasanya, aku selalu kesulitan memilih foundie yang cocok karena kulitku somewhere between light skin, but has a yellow undertone. Thank god this foundie has a quite wide variety of shade, so i choose this one. 

Texture wise, i kinda hard to explain it. It's a light-weight liquidy gel-like. Quite unique.

swatch on hand

after blending

From the after blending picture we could take a quick judge, that it is very seamless, very natural, glowy, and very light weight. You barely see nothing here. 

So, this is when it applied on my face

I am not wearing any filter, or touched this photos with photoshop or anything. So we can compare the real results. As you can see, the left side is me wearing nothing, pardon. ( But, i dare you to show your bare face as well :p)

I have a bit of discoloration on my forehead. I don't know why, i have a darker forehead compared to the rest of other face's area. lol. (P.S. Any idea how to take care of this? tell me on the comment bar below! :))

1 Layer
When i wore Marc Jacob Genius Gel foundation in one layer very thinly. The result is you will have pretty much just a good clear skin. It doesn't gave you the brightening effect or else, nor covering black spot on your face. it's medium coverage. Dead serious, its just looked like a second skin. My sister did not even realize that i'm wearing a foundation, and she said that it was my actual daily bare face. Only, it stays fresh all day :D

2 Layers
The second picture on the right is me wearing MJ genius gel foundie on a second layer. The results is kinda amazing because you don't have to put any powder over your face. It is luminous, matte powdery finish which is kinda awesome. But if you prefer to add powder to set everything, that's fine.

Omg, this is perfect for daily wear or for that special occassion. Because this foundation DOESN'T CREASE AT ALL! Doesn't clogged pores, doesn't oxidize, doesn't faded, very flawless, became full coverage after 2 layers and actually it's very build-able. I don't see any problem putting another layer on my face. This doesn't get cakey at all as well. In photos, this looked REALLY GOOD.

Well, for you my loyal readers.. you all know that my intentions from makeup are always to reach natural effortless beauty and this foundation are actually help me to achieve that. The finish is somewhere between matte, glowy, natural and it looked like..just a perfect skin. 

one layer with concealer under eye & setting powder, with natural lighting.

I am actually really liking it because in photos, i am not afraid or didn't have to worry about getting an uneven color on my face, or a white cast or beluk kaya mbak-mbak yang dandannya ketebelan, or worrying to have my foundation oxidize during the middle of a hot day. 


$48 / IDR 700.000 ++ i forget the precise price 

expensive? well, compare to other high end foundations (channel, dior, etc) yang biasanya harganya jauh lebih mahal, this actually a reasonable price. 

so here we are at the final conclusions:


* Nice textures
* Matte, powdery finish with healthy glow
* Doesn't oxidize
* Doesn't get cakey
* Doesn't clogged pores
* VERY Buildable
* Great in photos
* Lighweight


* pricey

Last Bite: This fancy foundation perfect for that special occasion, just doubled the layer and you're good to go. It actually pricey so i don't have the intention to wear it daily. On daily basis, i still prefer cc creams instead of foundation. Untuk harganya IDR 700.000+++ you actually buying a quality. Recommended for people who actually have the budget and looking for a flawless, lighweight, natural looking foundation. Tapi kalo ngga butuh-butuh banget, cari alternatif aja beli yang lebih murah. 

Thumbs up, Marc Jacobs, it's not just a gimmicky foundation, and i really adore the formula.... 

Hope you enjoy the post

Stay happy and healthy,

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  1. i love the quality of the product but i hate the price hahaha

    1. too hahaa..pengennya yang kualitas oke harga oke ya hihihi ;p

  2. thanks for the review kak jadi pengen beli hehe kalo dipikir-pikir gapapa lah sekali-kali invest sm produk yang kaya gini :)

  3. Sooo pretty, Vitrie! And your bare skin is just as perfect la. But the finish is to die for, it looks just like second skin! I've only tried one foundation that makes me feel like this, it's the L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Essence. Quite affordable at around Rp 150.000,-. Hope you try it out and compare it to this one. Texture wise I know la it's different, but if the wear and the finish are comparable, I'd like to stay on the steal side.:p

    1. hahaha..sebelum beli marc jacobs ini gue juga mikirnya gitu van.. lagi hits kan liquid to powder finish foundie. Sempet browsing dan swatching di GI Mat magique ini. Tekstur wise emang udah beda. Mereka cair bgt. Finish awalnya oke, tapi nggak lama berapa jam, they started to faded or melted away. Kualitas nya bedaaa hahaha..syedih. Mungkin lebih mirip tinted moisturizer yah. But still not a foundation dear...



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